IBTS Rimini 2017


IBTS, now in its sixth year, will for the first time hosted inside the "Music Inside Rimini", organized by the 'Italian Group Exhibition in the exhibition area of ​​Fiera di Rimini, 7 to 9 May next.
The inclusion of IBTS in the new Music Inside Rimini area has been an important strategic choice, which allows to provide, within a unique context, a vision more complete of the audio-video industry.
The new "Professional Video & Broadcast" area has been specifically designed not only as a moment of traditional meeting between producers and professional public, but also as a training opportunity through ADCOM, which will organize fact, during the three days of Music Inside Rimini, a thick schedule of in-depth workshops, both technical as to the use of the gimbal or properly creating audio in support of the video, is more cross which such insights related to the aspects of audio-visual productions.